Our Studio

Located in Aspect Tower (Executive Towers) in Business Bay, our beautiful loft studio has a converted warehouse feel and is fitted out to celebrate our urban roots. We have two studio rooms:

  • The Warehouse – a beautiful practice space with double high ceilings and a view over downtown, Jumeirah and the sea.
  • The Loft – an intimate space at the top of the stairs, perfect for smaller classes, restorative yoga and interactive workshops.

There are shower rooms and lockers for both men & ladies, as well as a retail area and chill-out space to relax in before or after practice. All yoga equipment is provided.

Yoga Teachers

Our yoga teachers are, hands down, among the best Dubai has to offer. We have very high standards for quality in teaching because we believe that life is too short to learn from anyone but the best. We work very hard to provide you the best possible quality and variety in both experience, yoga style and teaching style. Choose your favourite or love them all.


YA200 hrs Absolute Yoga


YA200 hrs Spanda Vinyasa


YA200 hrs Ruth White Yoga School


YA200 hrs Yoga Arts


YA200 hrs Natalia Fata


YA200 hrs Sivananda Ashram


- YA200 hrs Sivananda Ashram
- YA350 hrs Brahmari Yoga
- YA85 hrs Yin Yoga
- YA 95 hrs Prenatal


YA200 hrs Zen Den School of Yoga


- YA200 hrs Agama Yoga
- YA200 hrs Tattvaa Yoga


Multi-discipline movement specialist


- YA200 hrs Yoga Six
- YA200 hrs Yogis Anonymous


YA500 hrs Vikasa

Kimberley Stokes



In an Urban setting, people practice yoga for many different reasons – to relax, to strengthen, to complement other fitness regimes or even simply to try something new – Urban Yoga is for yogis of all kinds.

We have a passion for continued learning and growth. Urban Yoga provides anatomy-focused yoga instruction, which places the emphasis on your body and how to move it in way that will benefit you both physically and mentally.

We believe:

  • Personal well-being is both physical and mental – both need nurturing in a healthy lifestyle, and yoga helps with both

  • Yoga is simple – do it, do it often and do it with the supervision of a qualified teacher

  • The physical benefits of yoga are achieved when you practice regularly and with correct technical form

  • High-quality teaching is the root of an injury-free and rewarding practice

  • Life is a learning process – in life and in yoga, you’ll never reach the top. Keep learning, keep improving.

The studio is closed due to coronavirus… but we continue to practice!

Join our classes on zoom… they are the next best thing to being in studio.

Schedule & book online: urbanyoga.ae/schedule
Rates: 45 AED/session. 
200 AED pack of 5. 
350 AED pack of 10.