March 6: Hands-on Assists, a workshop for yoga teachers

with our resident teacher, Cristina Najjar

You know that delicious moment in class when the teacher touches you and in turn you melt deeper into a pose than you thought possible? Learn how to create that magic!

This workshop will cover:

  • How to effectively approach students in 20 commonly taught asanas
  • Understanding how to encourage a muscular action within a shape – versus pushing and pulling students to fix their form
  • How to communicate while assisting
  • When to adjust
  • And the meaning of touch

Dates: Friday March 6: 1.00 – 4.00pm.

Price: 200 AED for the full workshop. Early-bird rate 175 AED if paid before February 28th, 2019.

The studio is closed due to coronavirus… but we continue to practice!

Join our classes on zoom… they are the next best thing to being in studio.

Schedule & book online:
Rates: 45 AED/session. 
200 AED pack of 5. 
350 AED pack of 10.