Apr 5 – May 3: 5-week Beginners Yoga Course

with resident yogi, Yousra Diab

Learn the basics of Yoga!

This course is open to new Yoga practitioners with 6 months or less of Yoga practice, or practitioners who want to go back to basics. 

We will be introducing the basic concepts of Yoga including the philosophy, breath awareness, relaxation and meditation practice.  We will also explore the foundation of Yoga asanas including the warm up, postures, safe alignment and proper breathing.

Course Breakdown:

Week 1 : Back to Basics (90 mins)
In this very first week, we will explore the 8 limbs of Yoga in addition to a general overview of the Yoga philosophy. If you wish to delve deeper in this topic throughout the course, some books will be recommended.  This session will also include a basic introduction to Pranayama and a short practice introducing the warm up (Surya Namaskar A), basic standing and seated postures.   

Week 2: My Hips Don’t Lie (90 mins)
During the second week, we will be exploring hip opening through creating energy in the legs and hips in addition to forward bends. The sequence will be thoroughly focusing on hips and body alignment. We will also be introducing an additional part of the warm up (Surya Namaskar B).  

Week 3: Laid Back (90 mins)
This session will focus on safe back bending and spine flexibility to avoid injuries.   We will also be focusing on heart and shoulder opening techniques.  During this session, Ujay pranayama will be introduced.   

Week 4: Practice with a Twist (90 mins)
Twists are an integral part of the Yoga practice.  It aids digestion, prevents lower back pain and keeps the spinal muscles mobile.  In this session, we will work a lot with twisting the spine and the correct alignment in twists including lateral flexion and rotation.

Week 5: Going Upside Down and Putting it All Together! (2 hours)
In this last session, we will be introducing inversions, building a solid foundation and ways to gain strength to prepare for the inversion practice. In this session, we will have a practice that puts all the previous building blocks together. We will also be introducing starting a meditation practice.

Rate:  450 dhs for the course. Sign up with a friend and you both save 25% 😊 Enrollments should be received by Apr 2nd, 2019


  • Apr 5  – 11.30 – 1pm
  • Apr 12 – 11.30 – 1pm
  • Apr 19 – 11.30 – 1pm
  • Apr 26 – 11.30 – 1pm
  • May 3 – 11.30 – 1.30pm

Yousra, an ex-banker, has been practicing Yoga for over 7 years. Her practice is a mix of Pranayama, Hatha and Yin. For her, Yoga is an ongoing journey of self-discovery and the restoration of the fullest potential of herself. Her teaching style focuses on introducing the practices of guided meditation and mindfulness along with the asana practice.  Her teacher training has included YA 200 hours at Sivananda Ashram Yoga, YA 85 hours Yin Yoga with Jade Wood, YA 95 hours Prenatal Yoga with Return to the Self in Dubai.​

The studio is closed due to coronavirus… but we continue to practice!

Join our classes on zoom… they are the next best thing to being in studio.

Schedule & book online: urbanyoga.ae/schedule
Rates: 45 AED/session. 
200 AED pack of 5. 
350 AED pack of 10.