Mar 8-9: FLIPPED! All about inversions

with our resident yogi, Neha Duseja


Getting upside down is always a really exciting part of any movement practice. Inversions are impressive and have so many lessons to teach about patience, determination, strength and changing directions.

This workshop is about breaking down all our favorite inversions to really understand them and build, safe, sound, impressive structures so we can move in and out of them with confidence and grace.

– Strengthening drills
– Flexibility drills
– Understanding the anatomy of foundations
– Stacking and alignment
– Breathing and Blindfolds
– Variations, transitions and modifications – scorpion drills/headstand transitions etc)
– Counter movements
– Observation tools to measure your progress

DAY 2 – Morning Session (Saturday)
– Strengthening drills
– Flexibility drills
– Co-ordination and Balance drills (Understanding how to engage the whole body as one)
– Where the weight goes/how to use the hands
– Alignment (5 actions and that’s it!) push, suck it in, engage, squeeze, point
– Daily practice ideas (creating a well rounded handstand practice) and progressions

DAY 2 – Afternoon session (Saturday)
You don’t have to be a master at it to teach it well! Having learned from the best inversion teachers in the world, as well as having taught many inversions workshops in the region and internationally, in this workshop, I’d love to share all that works in teaching your students how to invert safely and make it an awesome experience for all!

Topics we cover:
– Building trust
– Key alignments, drills and skills for headstands and forearm stands (briefly cover)
– Key alignments, drills and skills for handstands
– Teaching falling methods
– Moving away from fear (& the wall) – correct ways to spot students & teach partner work.
– Progressions and modifications for handstand
– Drills and transitions worth adding to vinyasa sequences

Rate:  200 dhs per session or 575 dhs for the whole weekend

Earlybird: 175 dhs per session or 500 dhs for the whole weekend, if paid on or before March 1


  • March 8: 3 – 5pm
  • March 9 a: 12.30 – 2.30pm
  • March 9 b: 3.30 – 5.30pm

NEHA DUSEJA’s yoga journey began five years ago as a means to balance work life and a rigorous gym workout. After two years of an on-off relationship with Bikram yoga, Neha decided to take on a 30-day yoga challenge. What started as a month of daily practice turned into 200 days non-stop and she’s never looked back since! Going beyond the physical, she realized that yoga is mental stretch. Stretching limitations, imaginations and possibilities! Her Vinyasa classes are vigorous yet spiritual and focus on alignment, core strength and expanding student knowledge of their own bodies through postures and strength and flexibility building techniques. With a love of teaching, Neha will guide your practice to new depths. Her training includes YA 200hr training from Absolute Yoga Academy and many, many workshops!

The studio is closed due to coronavirus… but we continue to practice!

Join our classes on zoom… they are the next best thing to being in studio.

Schedule & book online:
Rates: 45 AED/session. 
200 AED pack of 5. 
350 AED pack of 10.