Handstand Intensive: A 4-week course starting Feb 3

with resident yogi, Neha Duseja

Building a handstand practice.

Handstands are awesome! They are a physical display of mental capacity, endurance, perseverance and courage, among many other things. Not only did this journey literally change my perspective on life, it gave me all the strength to live it too! And I’m so excited to be able to share all my knowledge and passion with you over the course of these 4 weeks.

If you’ve been playing around with handstands for a while now in classes – five minutes here, a couple minutes there, and now you want to take it to the next level, this course is for you.

In this course, we’ll start to explore different aspects of hand-balancing, including:

  • Decoding balance, technique, alignment and more
  • Becoming stronger, more flexible and more confident
  • Creating a specific training program tailored for you.
  • Taking your practice off the wall… and to the next level!

4 weeks. 2 sessions per week. Monday’s will focus on strength and Wednesdays will focus on mobility and rehab.

Week 1 – Let’s lay down the rules.

This week will be an introduction to the methodology and setting expectations as well as goals, which will include:

  • Introducing a lot of skills, drills, endurance work on and off the wall
  • Exploring the art of falling with grace
  • Working on one entry into handstand

Week 2 – Let’s go deeper.

We’ll play with more entries, get into different grips talk about the handstand mindset.

  • Building on the skills and drills from week one, we’ll look at more isolation work and the need for specificity
  • Work on using the spider grip, among others to add more power to your foundation
  • Playing with more entries into handstand and learn to be awesome spotters

Week 3 – Next level S*%T

This week is all about making shapes. We’ll work on building our entries into shapes we can work on holding, as well as look at different types of handstands.

  • Start understanding how to read your hands and intuitively feel your balance
  • Working on on creating shapes with the legs
  • Learning the 3 different head positions
  • Mexicans. Scorpions and contortions – We’ll look at back-bending handstands
  • Beginning to work with Neha one-on-one to discuss your individual training program

Week 4 – That’s what I’m talking about!

When the legs begin to move, it’s a whole new handstand! This week, we’ll take everything we’ve learned over the last three weeks and apply it to creating some fun sequences. We’ll also look at the press and understand how it can be used. We’ll also:

  • Play with entries and create sequences using the shapes we learned in week 3
  • Work on pressing techniques and transitions.
  • Solidify what your individual training program needs to be
  • Discuss accountability and how to continue staying motivated and inspired to keep working towards your goals.

Please Note: Your progress is directly proportional to your commitment. Participants who are able and willing to dedicate themselves and practice twice a week, for the four weeks will benefit the most. Participants are welcome to join only for, and walk in for sessions in weeks 1 and 2. However, only participants who have done the first two weeks will be allowed to participate in weeks 3 and 4.

Prerequisites: “I can kick up to the wall. And I can hold a 20-30sec handstand at the wall.”

February 3 – 26, 2020
Mondays & Wednesdays from 7.30 – 8.45pm.

700 AED for all 8 sessions (2x week – Monday & Wednesday)
400 AED for 4 sessions (1x week – your choices Mondays or Wednesdays)
125 AED for 1 session

To book this course: Click our schedule online or email: [email protected]

ABOUT NEHA: Neha is a RYT 600 certified, international yoga teacher, who’s journey began eight years ago as a means to balance work life and a rigorous gym workout. Her love affair with yoga began in the hot room. Neha then began practicing Ashtanga and finally Vinyasa where she found her passion for arm balances, inversions and transitions. Going beyond the physical, she realized that yoga is mental stretch. Stretching limitations, imaginations and possibilities! Her love for inversions, especially handstands, has seen her train with internationally renowned experts in hand balancing, yoga, calesthenics and movement. The journey of a handstand transformed her life and it is this change that she hopes to bring to the lives of all her students!

The studio is closed due to coronavirus… but we continue to practice!

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