Ramadan 2019

We’re so good at buzzing @ a million miles an hour

But now, Ramadan.
and no matter what your personal beliefs are, we can all benefit.

At Urban Yoga, we love this time of year because in the urban jungle, we often NEED the reminder to slow down, breathe deeply, connect to yourself & others, and spend some time reflecting on what is important to you and to the world.

With Ramadan, comes a few changes in the studio…

  • We’ve added afternoon classes throughout the week for those of you who want to practice earlier than normal, starting May 5th. Check the list below & book here
  • We’ve kept our normal schedule running for those of you whose daily schedules haven’t changed. There are some small changes – so check the schedule before coming to your regular classes.
  • We’ve got some great promotions running to help you practice as often as you can (see below for details)
  • In studio, we ask everyone to be extra mindful of those around you.

Special Ramadan classes. To accommodate changing schedules.

Classes running between May 5 – June 6:

Sunday – Flow then Yin 4.30 – 5.45pm with Edita
Monday – Yin Yoga 4.00 – 5.15pm with Edita
Tuesday – Urban Flow 4.30 – 5.45pm with Saz
Wednesday – Urban Flow 4.45 – 6.00pm with Saz
Thursday – Flow then Stretch 4.30 – 5.45pm with Emily

Ramadan Promotions. To help you practice as much as you can.

Ramadan Pass –
An unlimited 30-day pass that you can start anytime May 1 – 10th. 600 dhs. No strings attached **

Special Packages
Get 20% more than what you pay for! Packages start anytime until May 10th, and are valid for 6 months.
Buy package of 5 – get 6 classes – for 450 dhs
Buy package of 10 – get 12 classes – for 850 dhs
Buy package of 20 – get 24 classes – for 1,600 dh

** If you already hold an active 1-month, 3-month, 6-month or 12-month pass, but want to avail the Ramadan Pass, we will freeze your existing membership during the life of your Ramadan pass so that you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Please request this freeze by email: [email protected] This applies to unlimited passes which are 1-month or longer.

The studio is closed due to coronavirus… but we continue to practice!

Join our classes on zoom… they are the next best thing to being in studio.

Schedule & book online: urbanyoga.ae/schedule
Rates: 45 AED/session. 
200 AED pack of 5. 
350 AED pack of 10.