Schedule of Our Yoga Classes in Dubai

On the mat

As a yogi, this is the heart of our yoga practice. For most of us, it’s the beginning point. This is where our yoga is born. Sometimes just getting to the mat is the hardest part. As human beings, we’re fantastic at talking ourselves out of good ideas… and we’re even better at procrastination. Click the schedule below to help you get back to your mat. Once you’ve arrived – this is when the magic starts!


Class Levels

Levels are differentiated by the technical difficulty of the poses (not the intensity of the class). Some Level 1-2 Flow or Ashtanga sessions will offer a high-energy & intense experience… and some Level 2 classes will be less intense. In Level 1-2 we are grounded and often keep our feet or bums on the floor (perfect if you’re seeking yoga for beginners). In our Level 2 yoga classes, we’ll tackle more challenging demanding postures – handstands, arm-balances, deeper backbends – which requires experience & mastery over basic postures.


Some Level 1-2 Flow or Ashtanga sessions will offer a high-energy & intense experience... and some Level 2 classes will be less intense. In Level 1-2 we are grounded and often keep our feet or bums on the floor. In Level 2, we'll tackle more challenging demanding postures - handstands, arm-balances, deeper backbends - which requires experience & mastery over basic postures.

A slower class, focused on the foundations of yoga. Level 1 classes are designed to teach you the basics of proper alignment and breathing techniques. Level 1 is great for beginners, people who are just coming back to yoga after a break or anyone who wants to review the basics. Your teacher will give a lot of instruction and encouragement. 

Level 1-2 classes continue to emphasize the fundamentals of yoga while presenting the poses and sequencing the class in a more challenging way. Teachers will offer a lot of direction, explanation and advice as you move through the poses. Level 1-2 classes are great for those who have been practicing for awhile and are building their yoga practice. 

For those that want to start taking their practice to the next level! You already have a good knowledge of the poses, breath and movements in yoga. In Level 2 classes, you will continue to grow in your strength, stamina and flexibility as you master more advanced postures (including inversions, arm balances and backbends) and more demanding sequences. Level 2 classes are great for ambitious yogis and will help you take your practice to a whole new level. Each class has a peak pose that we are working towards – you don’t need to be able to do the pose already… you just need to be ready to play!

Level 2-3 classes are for students who have been practicing intermediate yoga postures, including inversions, arm balances and backbends. In these classes you will use your knowledge of postures and breathing to practice physically demanding and challenging variations. The pace is faster, you will go deeper, and your teacher will help you achieve breakthroughs in your practice and your self-awareness. If you haven’t been to our studio in Dubai before, please join a level 2 class first. You have at least a year of regular, intermediate-level yoga practice under your mat before you join a level 2-3 class.

Styles Taught

Yoga classes are as diverse as people are – no two are the same! Whether you prefer intense vs peaceful, active vs passive, traditional vs modern – we have something for everyone.












Cancellation policy

It all sounds very strict, and we don’t like being strict… but in fairness to everyone, there are absolutely no exceptions – unless in cases of injury, supported by medical documentation. We treat everyone the same way.

For regular classes:

  • Classes may be cancelled up until 1 hour before the start of class

  • If you are not able to make the class at short notice, you can email Urban Yoga, Dubai to request a no-charge cancellation. If the class was not fully booked, we will cancel your class at no charge. If the class was fully booked, the class will be deducted from your account.

  • Classes before 8am must cancelled by 11pm the night before, with no exceptions. No-charge cancellations do not apply for our early-morning classes.

  • All cancellations should be done either online or through our app.

For special events & trainings:

  • Once booked, no refunds or no-charge cancellations are available

  • If your plans change, you may transfer your place to another person

Payments made online will appear in your MBO account in less than 24 hours. You will receive a receipt via the email registered on your MBO account within 24 hours of your purchase. It is your responsibility to ensure that your contact details in your MBO account are kept up-to-date.

If you have booked & paid for your class or event, it is your responsibility to find a replacement should your plans change. Please alert the studio of any name changes in advance of the event by emailing [email protected]

We have a no refund policy on all classes passes, events & merchandise. 

Please note the expiry date of your package as the expiry dates are firmly adhered to. If you need an extension, it will be granted in the following circumstances only:

  • Injury or medical reasons, supported by medical documentation
  • If you purchase the same package or membership again BEFORE expiry, both the new and old package take on the expiry of the new package. This must be requested for extension to be updated.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us anytime at: [email protected]

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